Aroma ARC-150SB, SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker 20 Cup (cooked) 10 cup (uncooked)

Aroma did find a way to improve the already great Aroma ARC-150SB. This 20-Cup Digital 3-in-1 Rice Cooker, Food Steamer and Slow Cooker is even better now in preparing the best rice pot in no-time.

The already very famous Flash Rice function is something many users of Aroma Rice Cookers can appreciate very much. Especially the grains who are normally more difficult to cook.

This rice cooker handles any variety of rice, thanks to the White Rice and Brown Rice functions.

And after it’s done with the cooking it automatically switches to the Keep-Warm function, in case you are not around.

Other programmable functions are the Slow Cook function and the popular 15-hour Delay Timer. To have your rice done perfectly on time for dinner.

All accessories, and the inner pot of then of the Aroma ARC-150SB, are easy to remove and to clean.

Like the steam tray for example. It’s very easy to place, so you are able to steam all your favorite vegetables and meat when the rice is cooking below at the same time.

  • Aroma Rice Cookers are the #1 rice cookers in the USA.
  • Use the 15-Hour Delay timer for your dinner planning each day of the week.
  • Other functions are: Flash Rice, White Rice & Brown Rice, Slow Cook, Keep-Warm and Steam.
  • The programmable Digital Controller is very easy to program.
  • Large capacity of cooked rice.
  • Can cook rice and steam your vegetables and meat simultaneously.
  • The Aroma ARC-150SB comes with a Serving Spatula, a Steam Tray and a Rice Measuring Cup.
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Let the Aroma ARC-150SB be your assistant in the kitchen. It makes high-quality rice every time, prepares finger-licking one-pot dishes in ease and steams healthy meals exactly to way you like it.

Thanks to all the programmable functions cooking is now easy peasy. Which gives you the possibility to spend more time with your family and friends, as your ‘assistant’ does the actual cooking for you.


The Aroma ARC-150SB delivers tasty and healthy meals everybody will love, each and every time.

Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 11.2 x 10.8 inches
Item Weight: 5 pounds
Shipping Weight: 8.6 pounds
Manufacturer: Aroma Housewares

Download here the Aroma ARC-150SB rice cooker Flash Rice Instruction Manual.

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Our Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker Review:

We have used Aroma kitchen appliances and rice cookers in particular for years and we have come to expect nothing short of quality from them.

It is not surprising therefore that the Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker impressed us- it keeps up with the folklore of Aroma of excellent rice cookers.

At first sight, the Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker looks like any other average rice cooker out there capable of carrying anything from 6 to 8 cups of rice. Upon closer investigation and hands-on handling of this cooker, you will realize that there is more than meets the eye with this rice cooker.

With its pocket-friendly retailing price, we were more than impressed by this masterpiece from Aroma and we had no option but review it and give you a reason to own this rice cooker.

We thoroughly tested it, cooked an array of rice recipes and other related cuisines and the following is our review and verdict on the Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker;


The first impressive bit about the Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker is the innovative features which the cooker comes packed with.

Although it adopts the conventional design of most rice cookers, it’s laden with revolutionary features which give it bragging rights over other rice cookers in the same category.

At the core of the Aroma ARC-150SB, SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker is a digital programmable control unit which is meant to not only make the usability of the cooker easy but also gives you an array of cooking options.

The easy-to-use programmable digital controls include options such as Brown Rice, White Rice, Steam, Flash Rice, Slow Cook, Delay Timer and Keep Warm.

These give you the ability to choose the option that best suits your preference and cook your rice to perfection. The 15 to hour option is particularly helpful as it offers flexibility in meal planning.

With this controls, the rice cooker can comfortably cook white and brown recipes and once the rice pot is ready, the cooker will automatically switch to keep-warm mode.

This means that you won’t need to be around to stir the rice or monitor the progress. You just need to set the rice and go back to your other commitments and you’ll come back to a perfect warm cooker full of warm rice.

With the steam option, you can simultaneously cook your rice while you steam vegetables or meat in the steam tray above the cooker. Who doesn’t love killing two birds with a single throw of the stone? Figuratively speaking of course.

The control panel is not only placed strategically on the side of the cooker for easier use, but it is also beautifully designed to increase the aesthetic appeal of the rice cooker to the eye.

Every digital control is clear and large enough to improve visibility. The layout of the controls ensures that you will never confuse any control and end up with a bad batch of rice or any other meal.

The inner pot is a heavy duty metallic pot with a nonstick coating which makes it ideal for rice cooking. The metallic material used helps with the even heat distribution within the cooker and helps retain the natural flavors of foods cooked in it.

The pot is also designed for easy retrieval when you intend to wash it and replace it.

It is important to note that the cooker comes complete with its steam tray, measuring cup and serving spatula. All these accessories will make your cooking a lot easier and better.

Design and aesthetics of the Aroma ARC-150SB, SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker

As earlier on mentioned, the Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker adopts a rather conventional design in the world of rice cookers. The cylindrical shape of the rice cooker is accentuated by an innovative lid shape which has an immovable handle designed to be sturdy and easier to carry around.

The lid has two latch-on locks on either side of the cooker and a groove at the top to give room for your hand to wrap around the handle and make it easy to carry and move around with the cooker.

In terms of dimensions, this cooker measures 10.8 by 11.2 by 10.8 inches and about 5 pounds in weight. Generally the overall design is sleek and complements the functioning of the rice cooker by providing the much-needed stability.

Cooking and usability of the Aroma ARC-150SB, SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker

The Aroma ARC-150SB Rice Cooker is capable of conjuring up nutritious, delicious meals whenever it is called upon. It also offers you flexibility and versatility in your cooking- you can cook a good number of meals without worrying about the quality of the forthcoming result.

With its numerous cooking functions, you have endless possibilities in terms of what you can cook. Be it brown rice, white rice, sautéed vegetables, Mongolian soup or even classic sushi rice, the list of foods that you can cook in this rice cooker is endless. All it calls for is creativity and courage to try new recipes.

Using this rice cooker is very easy. The control panel is wide enough with the controls well-placed and labeled for visibility on the side of the cooker and switching between the options is quick and seamless.

The cooker can further be used in the dark as the digital controls light up when the cooker is running.

As for the time it takes to cook a meal, it really depends on the preference of the one preparing the meal and the type of meal in question. On average, a meal of brown rice takes anything from 20 minutes to 40 minutes but you can decide to switch things up a notch by using the flash rice option which yields in a well-cooked meal in just 15 minutes.

If you have time on your hands, then the slow cook option is perfect as the rice takes longer to cook and the quality is a little bit better.

As for the capacity of the cooker, you are looking at an impressive 20 cups of cooked rice and 10 cups of uncooked rice. This means that this cooker is perfect for a family of about 5 and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can comfortably use this cooker to feed your 4 or guests or use it to carry food to the family picnic in the park.

Pros and cons of the Aroma ARC-150SB, SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker


  • Easy to clean
    It is very easy to dismantle this cooker and clean each of its components separately and easily replace the same. From the cooking pot, steam tray to the lid, you can easily clean everything and leave it sparkling clean.

  • Lightweight
    For a cooker capable of holding up to 20 cups of rice, 5 pounds is more than just light. This lightweight increases the mobility of the cooker making it ideal for those on the move.

  • Affordability
    the Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker is one of the most affordable cookers which can carry more than 10 cups of rice. Considering that such cookers will cost you an arm and a leg, this rice cooker is an absolute steal as it comes at a very affordable price.

  • Multi-functionality
    Not very many cookers offer you the option to cook your rice while steaming vegetables or meat at the same time- the Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker does.

  • Safety
    The airtight seal, automatic switch-off and high-quality insulation material used to build this rice cooker all contribute to the safety of this rice cooker. This is a product that has been put to test and has passed all safety tests. The rice cooker can, therefore, be used in the house without worrying about it causing accidents.


  • Condensation builds in the interior lid
    Sometimes if the lid is not opened on time, the steam condenses and begins dripping back into the cooked meals.

  • The beeper sound is not loud enough
    We found the beeper of this cooker not loud enough and if you are not close enough, you can’t hear when it automatically switches to keep warm.


A good quality, compact rice cooker capable of cooking a number of meals and satisfy more than 4 adults. An affordable, easy to use and highly mobile product which any rice-loving family should own.

This Aroma rice cooker promises to take your cooking skills to the next level. The Aroma ARC-150SB SS Exterior Digital Rice Cooker comes out as must-have kitchenware for rice pot lovers.


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