Aroma ARC-2000SB, Professional Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker 20-Cup (Cooked) 10-Cup (Uncooked)

Now you can cook restaurant-quality meals at home with the Aroma ARC-2000SB. From healthy one-pot dishes to fabulous delicious steamed meals.

Your rice pot will never be the same again. And the best thing, you can do this with only a click on a button!!

Let the Aroma ARC-2000SB do all the cooking for you. So you have time to do other things.

When your rice cooker is done with the cooking it switches to the Keep-Warm setting automatically. No need for you to stir or even keep close by. And when finished you deliver healthy, hot and hearty meals to your loved ones.

Thanks to this convenient rice cooker and his capacity to cook 4 to 20(!) cups of your favorite rice easily.

It has even separate functions for both brown and white rice. Now that’s something you don’t see on every rice cooker.
The Sensor Logic Technology on your Aroma ARC-2000SB keeps everything under total control to ensure you the highest quality rice pot.

Thanks to the onboard micro-computer you have so many options you can choose from.
You can automate your cooking skills with the Sauté-Then-Simmer function.
When you need your rice fast, use the Quick Rice function.
When you need your rice later on the day, use the 15-hour Delay Time function.

When you order your Aroma ARC-2000SB you will get a Steam Tray, so you can steam all healthy vegetables and cook your rice at the same time.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a good measuring cup, as that’s included too.
The same with a Serving Spatula by the way.

  • Cooks your rice while steaming your meat/vegetables above.
  • Measuring cup, Serving Spatula and Steam Tray included.
  • Perfect meals thanks to its built-in Sensor Logic technology.
  • Can easily cook 4 to 20 cups of your favorite rice.
  • Functions like Sauté-Then-Simmer, Keep-Warm, Brown Rice & White Rice, Steam and Quick Rice makes this rice cooker hard to resist when looking for a good rice cooker.
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With the included Steam Tray you can steam al your healthy vegetables and meats when your rice cooks below.

If you need your rice quickly you can speed it up with the Quick Rice function. It can save 50% of your time.

Or if you need your rice much later on the day, simply use the 15-hour Delay Timer.

All accessories and the inner pot are easy to remove and even easier to clean!

Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 11.2 x 10.8 inches
Item Weight: 7.3 pounds
Shipping Weight: 8.75 pounds
Manufacturer: Aroma Housewares

Download here the Aroma ARC-2000SB rice cooker Instruction Manual.

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Our Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker Review:

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a great mid-sized rice cooker for both indoor and outdoor usage, then the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is one you should consider.

Hailed as arguably the best rice cooker, this rice cooker is the perfect definition of a quality functional rice cooker.

So, what makes the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker stand out? Which features make it beat the other cookers in the same category?

Well, to understand why the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is hailed as arguably the best rice cooker to some, we tested it and the following is our review of the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker;

This review entails a detailed look at the various aspects of the cooker ranging from its functionality, its design, safety and a brief look at the notable pros and cons. We keep the reviews as objective as possible to enable you to get a good overview of the product.

Here is our review of the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker;

Design and Features of the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker

As the experts in this industry put it, a good rice cooker should not only be able to consistently produce good batches of meals, it should be pleasing to the eye, carry substantial amounts of rice and not occupy too much space.

If what the experts say is anything to go by, then the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is the perfect definition of a good rice cooker. Not only is its design impressive, but it’s also appealing to the eye and occupies such a small space despite the fact that it can carry 20 cups of cooked rice.

In designing the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker, Aroma Housewares ensured that it didn’t lose any functionality or aesthetic appeal. It has a sleek cylindrical design with a silver stainless exterior and durable plastic black top and bottom lid.

The stainless steel exterior not only gives this cooker a shiny long lasting look, but it is also essential in retaining the warmth of the food even after the cooker has been unplugged. The plastic lid is pretty easy to open and tighten, thanks to the ergonomic handle at the top of the lid.


Any rice cooker is as good as its microcontroller. The brain of the rice cooker dictates the functionality of the cooker, its ease of use and its cooking capabilities.

The Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker’s brain features an easy to use programmable digital control unit, mounted on the side of the cooker for easy access and usage.

The programmable controls come with an array of functions and give you the ability to switch between the options. The controls include an option for white rice, brown rice, smart steam, quick rice, sauté-then-simmer, keep warm and the delay timer option.

The sauté-then-simmer, quick rice, and smart steam options have particularly proved very popular among those who have purchased the cooker.

Aroma’s sauté-then-simmer option lets you cook brown foods or rice quickly by heating the food to very high temperature and once any liquid is added, the cooker automatically switches to simmer which helps in not only saving time but helps to retain the flavor and improve the texture of the resulting food.

The smart steam option lets you steam vegetables and meats on the provided steam tray, as rice or any other food cooks below. This smart steam option not only lets you save time by doing two things at a go, but it also yields very healthy veggies and meats.

When done right the veggies and meats will not lose their natural taste and they will be very tender at the end of the smart steaming session.

The final innovative option which people have fallen in love with is the quick rice option. This is an option that will cut the cooking time of any type of rice by more than half.

Thanks to Aroma’s technology, the cooker switches up the temperature in the cooker when you select this option without charring the food or resulting in some undercooked parts. In a little over 10 minutes, you’ll have ready, properly cooked rice which the whole family will savor.

The other options: brown rice, white rice and keep warm are pretty much universal in modern-day cookers and they will make your cooking a lot easier. The keep warm option is particularly helpful as it ensures that your food doesn’t get cold long after the cooker has finished cooking.

The cooker will automatically switch from the cooking option to the keep warm one and you don’t have to worry about food burning. These are the small things that made us fall in love with the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker.

Capacity and dimensions

The capacity and dimensions of a rice cooker play a very vital role when it comes to influencing the decision of buyers. When buying a cooker, you want something that is compact enough but carries sufficient food to satisfy your family’s needs.

You don’t want a rice cooker that occupies much space but does not carry enough rice to serve everyone around the table.

The Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker perfectly cooks anything from 4 to 20 cups of any kind of white or brown rice. It can comfortably be used to serve rice for a family of 4 or 5.

Despite its impressive capacity, the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is not the biggest in size.

The cooker is designed in a manner such that the interior pot takes a lion’s share of the available space while the other components take up very little space. This makes it very compact and ideal for both kitchen and outdoor use.

To add to its compactness, the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is very light in weight. At just 7.3 pounds, it is lighter than most of the cookers capable of carrying up to 20 cups of cooked rice.

This means that you won’t have a hard time carrying the cooker around the house, or moving it from your car to the picnic spot.


For a product to be certified and declared safe for use by the relevant industry regulatory body, it has to pass all the set standards without fail.

Aroma is renowned for producing appliances which pay a lot of attention to safety and the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is no exception.

You can leave the cooker in your kitchen without worrying about it leaking rice or any of its contents while cooking. The airtight lid ensures that all the contents of the pot together with the steam remain in the pot and this reduces the chances of accidents around the kitchen.

Pros and Cons of the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker


  • Easy to clean
    – The individual parts of the cooker are very easy to disassemble and clean. The coated pot is especially very easy to clean and however much you scrub it, it will not lose its luster.

  • Mobility
    This pot can easily be carried around thanks to its design and lightweight. Despite its generous capacity, you can easily use this cooker for events and picnics without too much hassle.

  • Price point
    Not very many rice cookers with such a generous capacity and consistent quality are so affordable. The Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is one of the few high-quality cookers with a high capacity at a relatively low price.


  • Lid sticks a little too tightly
    the Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker’s lid sometimes gets stuck especially after a cook. It takes some doing for it to be opened again.

  • Beeping sound not loud enough
    The other notable con is the fact that the cooker’s beeping sound is not loud enough. A common thing with a few Aroma Rice Cookers. Unless you are close to it, therefore, you’ll not hear it switch from the cooking mode to the keep warm mode.


Having reviewed many rice cookers, we can conclude that this is up there with some of the best high capacity cookers that we have come across. Not only does it get the job done in an efficient way, but you are also assured of a superb forthcoming rice pot.

Purchase this rice cooker today and open up the world of possibilities in the world of rice cooking. This cooker will change your perspective about rice cooking and will make you fall in love with the dreaded job of preparing the family a meal of great rice.

With little bucks out of the pocket, you will be elevating your cooking skills from a novice to a master revered in preparing anything to do with rice. (You can check our recipes for that here).

The Aroma ARC-2000SB Professional Digital Rice Cooker is an Aroma product definitely worth your consideration.


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